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The 13th Shanghai exhibition model (2016)
Time: 2016-8-16 10:56:32 

Our booth is at A03-3On August 22 and 24,2016

The 13th Shanghai exhibition model (2016) SIME multinational procurement conference and exhibition center successfully held in Shanghai. Although the exhibition during bad weather,heavy rain did not dampen 164 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions and nearly 6000 people to participate in the annual industry gathering.

The three-day exhibition were ushered from 28 provinces,autonomous regions,and the United States,Germany,France,Canada,South Korea,Japan,Singapore and other 32 countries and regions,5715 spectators. 92% exhibitors in the exhibition said after the closing of the exhibition purposes.

Cole at the scene of the exhibition this year,China,JR,HOBBYKING,double day,X - CAM,XK,the sea is too g,a wing,Hyman,flying god,haifeng,a large number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as trumpeter colorful display products,covering the fixed wing aircraft,helicopters,rotor aerospace model; Short,bigfoot truck car,climbing,tanks,caterpillar special vehicle,suv vehicle model; Military ships,sailboats,submarines,craft wooden ship model; Motor,speed governor,a remote control model,propeller and engine,battery and other accessories; 3 d printers,DIY tools,such as model,material production; Armored vehicles,aircraft,ships,characters,figures are static scale model,etc. Reference meaning,current technology,xinghai,jin yu,before the cloud sea,the ray,cloud etc for the first time the number of enterprises accounted for 20% of the total number of exhibitors.
Exhibition site,the exhibitors to bring new product release,giveaways,operation experience,such as sales promotion activity,make each audiences to visit the exhibition this year are worthwhile,fill their carts.

As the current model producers,distributors,clubs,model enthusiasts face to face to discuss cooperation,exchange information and learning the important platform of knowledge,the 13th Shanghai model exhibition (SIME 2016) in 2016.

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